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  • Heat Shrink Caps on the Ends
  • Pro Industrial Polyester Material: 100% Poly Dacron, wear resistant and durable, 3-strand twisted PolyDac strong construction makes it heavy and apprised. The rope durability is strong but flexible enough to accomplish your goal, a sturdy workout aid and a great addition for your home gym.
  • 600D Oxford waterproof cover in the middle if the rope protect the it from breakage and fray, especially when you tie it on a fixed point, so the friction can be reduced and the life of the rope prolonged.

Diesel 1.5 Inch, 50ft Poly-Plus Battle Rope

$144.99 Regular Price
$74.99Sale Price

    PLEASE NOTE: All Dumbbells and Overweight/ Oversized Shipping (items and/or order the weigh over 70+ lbs.) is not charged at the time of purchase. Diesel Gear supports a local 3rd party carrier for our delivery service. After receiving your order, you will receive an invoice for the delivery of your product. Our Carrier charges $1 per mile for the first 15 miles from our storage location at the gym (1227 Green St SE, Conyers, GA 30012) to our delivery location and then $2.50 for every additional mile over 15 miles. Please contact Team 3 Sports and Fitness for any additional questions regarding shipping. Out of state shipping options available as well through customer service.

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