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Thea Dennard

Thea Dennard is the co-owner of Team 3 Personal Training and Fitness with husband, Joe Diesel. As a native of the Atlanta area she grew up playing sports at a young age and developed into a track star where she won several state, regional, and national titles. She excelled at track at Clemson University where she earned a full track scholarship earned her Bachelors in Business Management in just three years. Her love for fitness and health grew more and more over the years and by the age of 17 she knew she wanted to own and run a fitness center.


In 2010, Thea decided to return to school to pursue her Bachelors degree in Nursing from the University of South Alabama because of her burning desire to help fight and prevent type 2 diabetes. Throughout her journey in nursing school God made it evident to her that His plan for her life was to reach people before they reached the doors of the hospital. After graduating from South Alabama, Thea decided to take a part-time job and passion since 2007 to a full-time career. Thea’s passion in health and fitness coupled with her love for sports is what makes her the motivating coach and trainer that she is.


Thea believes the any goal is attainable when coupled with hard work, dedication, and DISCIPLINE. She proved this to herself and many others when she entered her first bodybuilding figure competition last year and placed 1st. If there is one thing she has learned in life it is that there is no such thing as “making it”, but everything in life is a constant journey. This is why Thea is determined to teach every client that being healthy and fit is a lifestyle and a never ending journey that takes a total commitment and changed way of thinking. To her, it is a mindset and its all about DECISIONS and CHOICES!



With an emphasis on speed, agility, strength improvement, and explosive training techniques, Team 3 has designed training programs that will yield major results on the playing field and court.


 At Team 3 Batting Cages we specialize in equipping athletes to with the necessary tools to improve their baseball/softball skills.


Strength and speed are both very important to becoming a great football player, but one must know HOW TO PLAY THE POSITION! Team 3 Sports has former NFL and Division I football trainers for  Position Specific Skills Training.


The benefits of this style of exercise will enhance range of motion through the wrist, shoulder, hip, and ankle joints; promote stability through the knee and elbow joints; increase mindfulness of muscle engagement during specific athletic movements.


A fitness assessment objectively measures your current level of physical fitness. Team 3's  fitness assessment incorporates many different methods to achieve accurate results.

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